Estate Planning

When many people think of estate planning, they assume that it’s something that they don’t really need because they’re not “rich.” But the fact is that estate planning addresses a number of important questions that affect almost everyone, rich or poor, such as:


  • Who will take care of my children if I (and my spouse) should die while they are young?
  • How can I be sure that my wishes will be honored if I am involved in a medical emergency, and who will make decisions regarding my health and life if I can’t make those decisions myself?
  • What’s the best way to ensure that my property and belongings will pass to the loved ones that I want to receive them?
  • How can I avoid court intervention and taxes on my property and belongings when I die?
  • Who will take over my business affairs in the event of my death?


The attorneys of Arminak Law, APC have created estate plans for people of all walks of life, and pride themselves on crafting estate plans tailored to their individual clients’ needs. Whether you are seeking to avoid taxes on your estate, make sure that your children will be entrusted to the person of your choice, or simply want your favorite song played at your memorial service, we will make sure that the most important decisions of your life are honored and respected.